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How Long Can We Go Without Heat?

The temperature this morning when I got up was 19 degrees. We don’t keep statistics, but today feels like the coldest morning of the fall at our house.

The Big Tree Champion Plains Cottonwood, near Hygiene, Co. Oct. 24, 2008

The Big Tree Champion Plains Cottonwood, near Hygiene, Co. Oct. 24, 2008

I mention this because we haven’t turned the heat on yet. Having changed the filter, I was about to kick on the thermostat during a chilly morning in October. Billie, remembering the bills last year, demurred. It was a good choice. The afternoon sun warmed the house back up that day, and we decided to see how long we can go before we have to turn on the heat.

We like sleeping in the cold; we turn the heat off at night all winter. Beyond causing some awkward fashion faux pas, a more layered approach to our clothing has kept us comfortable. I use a small space heater in my basement office to ward off the dawn chill, but otherwise, we’re holding tight.

The forecast calls for lows the next few nights above freezing, with sunny daytime temps in the 50s and 60s, so we might slip by at least into midweek.

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