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Journey Through Dark Heat

One of our volunteer datura plants in the front yard goes back to earth.

One of our volunteer datura plants in the front yard goes back to earth.

Well, we made it through the end of November without turning on the heat. But Sunday, when the temperature never got above freezing during the day, we finally turned on the heat for the first time.

Like everybody, we are reluctant to turn on our heat for the first time. Two weeks ago, on a day when the temperature was 19 degrees and I was ready to give in, Billie talked me out of it, and we decided to tough it out since the forecast called for sun and temperatures in the 60s for the next few days.

Gotta love that Colorado sunshine. Things warmed up that week, and as long as temps got into the 50s during the day, the mornings would be cold but the house would warm up by mid-afternoon. It wasn’t until the holidays, when temps didn’t get out of the thirties and the sun stayed behind the clouds for a couple of days that we finally gave in.

That same datura plant was beautiful back in mid-August.

That same datura plant was in full bloom in mid-August.

I have become more wimpy about being cold as I’ve grown older; Billie seems the opposite. I always tend to turn the thermostat toward 70˚, but this year, in deference to the economic situation etc. etc. we’re going to try to keep it no higher than 65 this winter. It feels downright cozy in here this morning. Billie says high temps are supposed to be in the sixties tomorrow. Hope springs eternal.


1 gilasakawa { 12.05.08 at 4:41 pm }

OK, with the first real snow, and temps in the single digits, we’ve all heated up our houses. :-(

we waited a long time too, though we didn’t hold out as long as you guys. But in the winters we tend to keep the hour set to the low 60s. At night we set it to 55 or 56. So we all find ways to cope with the high cost of energy, balanced against our comfort levels….

2 Return of the Datura — Jukebox in My Head { 08.05.10 at 6:22 am }

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