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Five Points: Johnny Winter?

Winter: He don't play no rock and roll. (click to enlarge)

Yeah, that’s what it says: Johnny Winter . I saw this name on the train this morning and had to come back down and take a picture to make sure it was 2010 and not the early seventies, when you could have seen Winter play at Tulagi up on the Hill. The opening act back then would have been Redbone, not Redman.

Cervantes, as the marquee notes, is the room that was Casino Cabaret, once a top room for jazz and R&b bands. I’m taking the photo from in front of the Rossonian Hotel, another hot nightclub spot and once the only hotel in Denver that sold rooms to blacks, no matter how popular an entertainer you might be. Right now its primary occupants appear to be pigeons. About eight or ten were perched on the north facade behind me.

I have long lost track of Winter, but a little Google research shows that though he’s had some health issued, he continues to tour and perform. He turned 67 in February. Don’t expect “Rock and Roll Hootchie Coo.”


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