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Wallking the Wild Trees Pt. 2: South Lake Tahoe

Friday Oct. 7 2011
Apex Motel
South Lake Tahoe CA

Our flight landed in Reno International Airport this afternoon, and half an hour later we were in our Chevy Cruz rental and heading south on California 359. The rental agency rep had tried everything to get Billie to upgrade the car, but the Cruz offered great pickup, and got 35 miles to the gallon. Woo hoo. We turned off to the right on state 341, which took us over a mountain pass into the Lake Tahoe area. We’re spending our first two nights in South Lake Tahoe.

We loved the woodwork on the door of this coffee shop in South Lake Tahoe.

It’s a thirty or forty minute drive down the east side of the lake on state 28, eventually going through State Line, the border town separating Nevada and California. A mini-mini-strip of resorts and casinos and a couple of high-rise hotels, State Line is the kind of blot on the environment you kind of get used to around here.

South Lake Tahoe is a couple of miles farther, and we had booked a couple of nights at the Apex Inn, on highway 89/50  just south of the main town intersection. The only booking we make early, it’s rustic, older but clean and convenient. Run by an Indian family, there is a hint of curry in the air. At $100 for two nights, it’s within our budget. After a nap, we are hungry and find a place called Orchid Thai around the corner, where we find the food fabulous, reasonable, and I celebrate with a couple of Singhas. Living, baby.

Afterwards we drive west on state 99 out of town to try and get better oriented. South Lake Tahoe is in a forest, and we drive several miles up the coast, past Camp Richardson, which looks interesting, and pull into the parking lot of the Tallac Historical Area. It’s dusk, turning to darkness quickly, and we manage to see the outlines of two wooden buildings, one of them really impressive, in the redwood shadows before having to give it up. Very mesmerizing. We’ll be back tomorrow.

Next, walking Vikingsholm and the Tallac Historic Site.

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